3cx Softphone Version 6 Download

Latest Stable Version

Version 4.6 September 2021. Download the latest Softphone.Pro 4 for Windows or macOS. If you purchased a license for previous version, please find one at left menu. Softphone.Pro 4.6 19 MB. Softphone.Pro 4.6 55 MB. New configuration parameter ACWMinimumCallDuration to manage auto ACW for certain calls. 3CX Softphone Installation & Configuration VoIP Softphone3CX Softphone Download link - https://www.techwhitesolution.com/2020/10/3cx-softphone-installation.

Version 4.7 November 2021

3cx Softphone Version 6 Download

Download the latest Softphone.Pro 4 for Windows or Mac. If you purchased a license for previous version, please find one at left menu.

What's new

  • New Turkish, Italian, Ukranian, Uzbek, Greek and Czech user interface localizations

Bugs fixed

  • Unable to call again phone number followed by extension on Call Log and Active Calls
  • Unable to sync Google Contacts
  • Hubspot CRM contact search issue
  • ACW doesn't work properly if call waiting enabled

Softphone.Pro 4

Version 4.6 September 2021

+ New configuration parameter ACWMinimumCallDuration to manage auto ACW for certain calls (talk time is less than X seconds, X is specified in parameter value
+ App reads caller name from P-Asserted-Identity SIP INVITE header on attended transfer
+ Fixed: Jabra headset ringing fixed on outbound call
+ Fixed: No SIP account registration on network change
+ Fixed: 'Test connection' button makes SIP account registration active even if 'Register on startup' is disabled

Version 4.5 August 2021

+ New Transfer now and Call first call transfer options available on Transfer popup
+ Improved Pipedrive CRM integration
+ Pass SIP account ID for outbound call on callto link callto:+1234567890;sip_id=007
+ Pass external call ID for outbound call on callto link callto:+1234567890;extid=13579
+ Google Sheets instant click to call integration with new Softphone.Pro Google Chrome Extension
+ Opus codec added
+ Fixed: Unable to hangup conference call with -hangup command line parameter
+ Fixed: App crashes on adding unanswered call to a conference
+ Fixed: SIP account state is Online, but it's displayed as Offline on the Main window

Version 4.4 June 2021

3cx for windows

+ New %CALLID% parameter added for event handlers. %CALLID% is the same for all events related to a single specific call.
+ New %APPLOGIN% and %LOGIN% parameters added for 'Status change' event handler
+ Dutch, Deutch, Polish and Danish languages are available in installer
+ Fixed: Unable to specify Australian Zoho.au hostname for Zoho CRM integration

Version 4.3 May 2021

+ Automatic SIP un-registration when status is ACW (or any other red status, such as Outbound Calling, etc.) or Away. This new feature helps to decrease wait time dramatically as cloud PBX doesn't even try to call unavailable Agents
+ Jabra SDK new version integration
+ Dutch, Polish and Danish user interace localization
+ Improved NAT traversal algorithm to fix one-way audio and no audio issues
+ Fixed: No customer data if Hubspot integration is enabled
+ Fixed: Mac version stability improved

Version 4.2 February 2021

+ New advanced NAT traversal fixes one-way audio and no audio issues
+ New 'Upload a call recording' and 'Upload a screen recording' actions for Call end event (Settings > Integration > Third-party Systems)
+ New 'After call work finished' event for 3-rd party systems intergration (Settings > Integration > Third-party Systems)
+ New 'Status change' event for 3-rd party systems intergration (Settings > Integration > Third-party Systems)
+ Audio quality improved over Wi-Fi

Yahoo Messenger Version 6

Version 4.1 December 2020

+ 1, 6 and 12 months subscription (1 month = 30 days)
+ Screen capture (Team only)
+ Always-on webcam monitoring (Team only)
+ Display always on top
+ ACW timeout
+ Disable ringtone for inbound calls
+ Romanian and Deutch localization
+ Minimize to Windows tray when clicking the x button
+ Concurrent licensing improved. 30-60 minutes timeout fixed when exiting app with the 'Quit' main menu item

Softphone.Pro 3

Version 3.5 September 2020

+ Extension auto dial on call answered i.e. +11234567890,100
+ Ignore inbound calls on BusyAway status option
+ 'Unverified app' issue fixed when setting up the Google Contacts integration

Version 3.4 July 2020

+ French localization
+ Event handler parameters URL-encoding
+ amoCRM integration updated
+ SIP registration errors on Main window
+ Custom ringtone per SIP account
+ Always-on call recording

Version 3.3 June 2020

+ Phone number type attribute in Cisco XML file
+ HTTP handler parameters URL encoding

Version 3.2 September 2019

3cx Desktop App

+ User interface 50-200% scaling
+ Jabra headset call control buttons integration
+ Obtain customer data from 3-rd party system and display it on incoming call notification window
+ Upload call recordings to HTTP web-server
+ Pipedrive CRM integration - screen pop-up with click to open functionality

Version 3.1 July 2019

+ Multiple lines support
+ Conference call with up to 6 participants
+ Up to 32 SIP accounts
+ %HEADER% named placeholder to pass custom INVITE message header value to 3-rd party system
+ Regular Expression (RegExp) syntax for Caller ID modification

Softphone.Pro 2

Version 2.6 June 2019

3cx Softphone Version 6 Download Free

+ On demand call recording
+ Quick add new Contact on Call Log window
+ Pre-recorded audio messages (voicemail drop)
+ Hotkeys
+ Missed calls grouping on Call Log window
+ -answer command line parameter and SoftphonePro:Answer protocol prefix for HTML
+ 'Outbound call initiated' event for 3-rd party integrations

Version 2.4

+ Search contact by phone number on Contacts window
+ Search call by phone number on Call Log window
+ 3-rd party integration Test button. Clicking that button executes Windows program, calls web-service method or opens web-browser. It also passes generated parameter values to 3-rd party system.

3cx for windows

Version 2.3

+ Import address book from CSV file
+ Auto answer
+ Call waiting notification window
+ Small call notication window displayed in bottom rigth corner

Version 2.1

+ Address book synchronization with Cisco, Yealink XML file
+ Address book synchronization with Google Contacts
+ SIP account indication in Call log window
+ Call waiting configuration
+ Call waiting tone indication
+ SIP account registration status indication

Version 2.0

+ Instant screen pop-up and click-to-call integration with 3-rd party WEB and Windows applications
+ Microsoft Office Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 click-to-call integration
+ G.729 audio codec support

Softphone.Pro 1

Version 1.7

+ SIP registration indication
+ Hold and resume
+ Adjust volume in a floating window

Version 1.6

+ amoCRM instant integration
+ Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.5

+ Call log window
+ Call forwarding and missed call email notificaion

3CXPhone Download

Free VOIP / SIP phone (softphone) for Windows. Works with popular VOIP providers and SIP PBX's (including 3CX Phone System, Asterisk and many more). The interface is easy to use and similar to that of popular Smartphones. 3CXPhone is compact and easy to install across a network.
Features include: Local audio recording in mono-WAV or stereo MP3. Local video recording. Video snapshots. Video support with H263 codec in SQCIF, QCIF, CIF and 4CIF formats. Support for secure RTP and secure SIP. Support for 80 BLF. Account data, company phonebook and BLF provisioning and PnP auto-provisioning. Five call lines. Unlimited number of simultaneously active accounts. Jabra headset support.