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  1. Download Blackshot. A first-person shooter that is set in a post-apocalyptic world.
  2. Program by BlackShot Online. BlackShot - SEA Full Online Client v341. BlackShot Online Full Client Version 341. For SEA service. Includes GArena Installation. Updated 6 June 2009.

A Free First-Person Shooter In An Arena Battleground

BlackShot Europe is an online FPS game. The game is free to download and play after you have registered for an account at the publisher's website (this registration is also free).

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Download and play Blackshot and scurry around small battle arenas trying to destroy your opponents. Some of your opponents and your allies are computer generated and run on the program’s AI, and some enemies and allies are human players. Play in an online battle zone and try to survive long enough to complete your mission.

A very fast-paced game


Moving around the Blackshot map is no slower or faster than any other FPS games you may play online, but the fact it is so easy to die makes gameplay very frantic and quick. Most players will pepper an area with bullets because it is a smarter tactic than trying to line up a shot. It only takes between one and three bullets to cause your death, so playing the waiting game or the tactical game is rarely a good idea.

A nice way to kill a few hours

You are probably not going to fall in love with Blackshot unless you are paying to win, but it will allow you to burn through a few hours by shooting your way through your enemies. You may respawn in the game and get right back into the action within less than a minute, so there is no real punishment for losing your life in the game. Each arena many not feature many players, but at least they respawn quickly so you are not running around on your own.

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