How To Download The Latest Version Of Whatsapp Plus

If there’s one application that can’t go missing on any smartphone in the world, whether Android or iPhone, it definitely has to be WhatsApp. The instant messaging and chat app conquered millions of users some time ago, who forgot about sending SMS messages and moved over to this service that’s based on traffic sent over data networks.

Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK. Download and save it in the internal storage of your Android Smartphone. Enable third-party installations. Go to Settings Security enable third-party app installations. Install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK. Go back to the download folder and install Blue WhatsApp Plus APK.

Well, with over 1 billion active users all over the world and purchased by Facebook, it has consolidated as one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Therefore, nobody should be surprised that dozens of third-party applications have been developed to try to take advantage of this service.

Amongst the most popular applications of this nature, we have to mention WhatsApp Plus, a mod that we can download for free to customize the application with options that go way beyond those offered natively by WhatsApp.

And now that you know what WhatsApp Plus is… What’s it for?

Well, as we said above, it can be used to customize the messaging and chat app. It’s mainly aimed at all those users that aren’t fully satisfied with the latter, and that simply use it because everybody else does so too, even if there are other alternatives of the likes of Telegram that may be better.

WhatsApp Plus Anti-Ban is an alternative version of WhatsApp. Download WhatsApp Plus APK latest version from its official website. Download WhatsApp Plus apk is the new underdevelopment WhatsApp mod apk, that after the ban has now continued for further development. Many popular Whatsapp Mod. Whatsapp plus - WhatsApp Plus is an APK version of the popular instant messaging application, but with enhanced security. To increase user privacy you can hide your online status, so that contacts.

Almost everyone thinks that this messenger has quite afew aspects that could be greatly improved and that’s precisely what this APK intends to do. So here goes a list of features available once you download WhatsApp Plus:

  • Change the colors of the interface or the size of the fonts to your own liking.
  • Send large audio and video files.
  • Download or send photos with their original quality.
  • Quick sharing functions.
  • Partial copy and paste: select part of the text you want to copy and paste and send it to your contacts.
  • Hide your profile picture.
  • Check connection times and statuses from the chat screen.
  • Install different themes.

However, what’s the problem with this kind of app? Well, WhatsApp is very distrusting so it bans from its service anyone detected using one of these applications. That’s why this app has gone through a few reborn such as the one developed by JiMODs, with alleged antiban properties. We can also make use of the version created by HOLO, another developer trying to take advantage of this name.

In any case, due to the wide range of offers and without knowing who’s behind the majority of developments, it’s hard to know which is the most updated version of WhatsApp Plus. Some say it’s 3.17, others say it’s 5.60… Anyhow, here’s one of these versions that you can download to your smartphone to try it out (by the way, there’s also a version for iPhone).

What's new in the latest version of WhatsApp Plus 2021

The main changes introduced into this new version of the MOD are the following

  • Updates to a new base version of WhatsApp:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the 'Unknown sources' option within Settings>Applications.

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Meta-owned WhatsApp is arguably the most popular instant messaging app in the whole world. WhatsApp offers users many features that makes the process of texting people a bit more fun and intuitive.

Since all of us use WhatsApp, we must have come across the issue of not being able to text an unsaved number on WhatsApp, often having to unwillingly save that number as a contact, just to be able to send a WhatsAppmessage.

Well, not anymore. Today we will tell you a trick which will help you overcome this very problem. Now, before we begin, this only works if you use the WhatsApp desktop app on your laptop or computer.

With the help of WhatsApp Web, users can chat with an unknown number directly without saving it. The “click to chat” feature of WhatsApp makes use of shortcuts to allow you to chat with any person. Let us take a look at how to do this, step-by-step:


1. Open your browser, then visit the address “”

2. Add the WhatsApp number you want to chat with in the URL. For example, if you want to chat with a number 9999999999, you will have to enter “″ – numbers also require you to put a code, so for numbers in India, we put 91 before the number.

3. Upon clicking enter, you will be redirected to a WhatsApp page with a green “Continue to Chat” button.

4. Clicking on this button will open a pop-up, asking you to open the chat in WhatsApp desktop app. Click “Open WhatsApp” on the pop-up.

5. Start chatting!

Users can make use of this feature to record an unsaved number in their WhatsApp chats list, in case they want to text the same number later on.

WhatsAppPlus 2021

Millions of people around the globe use WhatsApp on a daily basis to stay in touch with those closest to them, and the latest update contains improvements in the form of WhatsAppPlus.

In this article, we will explain what WhatsAppPlus is and how it works.

How to download WhatsApp Plus

To downloadWhatsAppPlus, you must do it through Google Play, which is only downloadable for Android phones.

How to install WhatsApp Plus

* To install WhatsAppPlus, you must first delete the original WhatsApp application and follow the steps below:

* Search Google Chrome for the V17.50 version of the app as an installer file.

* Check the link on the page to avoid downloading any virus or malware.

* On the page you are on, click on “Install WhatsAppPlus” and grant all permissions to the browser so that it does not block the download.

* If you get a message that it is not possible to install the application, you should delete everything related to WhatsApp that you have on your phone. This is done from the application settings on your phone.

Once you have downloaded WhatsAppPlus, you will need to give it a phone number so that it can link your contacts.

What are the improvements in WhatsAppPlus?

Among the things that are improved in WhatsAppPlus are more emojis, a wide form of customisation of backgrounds, calls, menus etc. and some other features such as greater ability to send files and not reduce the quality of the photo to be sent via WhatsApp.

Who can use WhatsApp Plus?

Users with Android operating system are the ones who are using this new application.

Is it safe to use this alternative version of WhatsApp?

Install whatsapp on windows 7

Yes, as far as is known, it is safe to use the alternative version of Whatspp

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I could hear someone saying ‘how is this possible, for a deleted WhatsApp message to be seen or read?’ Yes, it’s very much possible.

In this article, we will show you how to recover and read messages which the sender thought he or she has deleted.

Just chill, get a cup of popcorn by your side, and read to the end of the post.

To start, you will need a smart phone, data, and good network connection.

With the ‘Delete for Everyone’ option, Whatsapp messages delivered to individual or group chats, can be deleted.

The function allows the sender to delete communications from the platform once a certain amount of time has passed.

With this finding, recipients can still access deleted Whatsapp messages with whatsapp’s ‘delete for everyone’ option, you can revoke messages that were inadvertently transmitted to a recipient.

Simply long-press the message, hit the trash button that appears at the top of the page, and select ‘delete for everyone’.

If you do this within a certain amount of time, Whatsapp will replace the deleted message with a banner that says ‘this message was deleted’. However, the feature is not without flaws.

There are somethings with which the supposed receiver of the message can use to see and read the deleted messages.

We will soon show you how to read deleted Whatsapp messages with an ‘app’ and the ‘in-built’ feature.

If you have an Android phone, this is how you can view deleted Whatsapp conversations without having to install an external app.

So, what are the best ways to recover deleted messages?

Best Ways to Recover WhatsApp Deleted Message

  1. Use of an App.You will need to download an app that can keep track of your notification history from the Google Play store.

We are going to refer to one of the best apps for that purpose – Notisave, which has more popularity.

After you have installed the app, .make sure you have given it the rights it needs.

The app will require permission to read notifications, photographs, media, and files, as well as the ability to toggle the auto start feature.

After then, the program will begin keeping track of all notifications you receive, including Whatsapp messages.

You will be able to read the messages using the app, even if the sender totally erases them.

However, this has no effect on the nature of the Whatsapp messages.

Another interesting thing about Notisave, is that it allows you to respond to messages without having to leave the app.

The app can also be used to read alerts that have been swiped away by accident; despite the fact that you can undo the deletion.

The program has a few flaws that make it difficult to restore lost WhatsApp messages.

If you are using a particular version of the software, that is, the free one, you will have to put up with advertisements.

Apart from that, the program can only recover plain text messages; GIFs, pictures, and videos that have been deleted cannot be recovered or restored.

2. Via Notification History (For Android 11)
Note: iPhone users may not access this feature, only for Androids.

The operating system includes a Notification History feature that can save record of all Whatsapp messages even if the person that sent them, decided to erase all; and it is absolutely free to use.

Here is how to see deleted Whatsapp messages and enabling notification history on your Android 11 phone:

  1. Tap ‘Apps and Notifications’ in the settings
  2. Select ‘Notifications’ from the drop-down menu
  3. Toggle the button next to ‘Use Notification History’ on.

Following that, the page displays all of your future alerts, including Whatsapp messages.

To do so, you will need to follow the same instructions as before.

All other Notifications’ will be placed on top of the messages (anything from the last 24 hours).

You can talk the notification to engage with it, just like you would if it was on the phone’s pull-down notification shade.

The Android 11 notification history feature, like the app we made reference to above, does not retrieve media files.

How to Retrieve or Recover Media Files

When we say media files, we are referring to pictures, GIFs, audios, and videos..
Since the No. 1 and 2 above cannot recover media files, we have put below, how you can retrieve or recover them, even when they are deleted.

The only way to recover media files, is to go to the Whatsapp Settings, and toggle the ‘Automatically Save Images to Gallery’s.

After doing that, even if the media files like audio, video, photo, and GIF are erased, they will be kept locally in the phone’s storage.

Install Whatsapp On Windows 7

Hi guys, in this post I will be sharing with you the steps you which you can identify a scam investment platform.

Many out there have fall victim of so many scam platform because, they they can’t really identify if a site is scam or not. But in this post, I will give you six steps you can identify a scam platform.

Financial fraudsters use sophisticated and effective tactics to get people to part with their money. Here are six steps you can take to help you spot an investment scam.

Six Steps to Identify A Scam Platform

  1. Verify credentials. Don’t fall for a fancy title or other trappings of success. Fraudsters hope that if they look successful, you won’t bother checking their credentials
  2. Don’t chase “phantom riches.” Be skeptical of investment pitches that guarantee a certain return or promise spectacular profits. They are what fraud-fighters call “phantom riches” that you will never see. No salesperson can make those kinds of promises. The reality is that every investment involves risk.
  3. Ignore the “everyone is doing it” story. Don’t believe claims that “everyone” is in on the deal. Be wary of a sales pitch that focuses on how many people are investing, without telling you why the investment is sound. Remember, affinity frauds are scams that prey upon members of the same social circle, religious group or ethnic background.
  4. Refuse to be rushed. If the salesperson tells you that the offer is for a limited time only, or that investment opportunities are limited, consider it a red flag. A legitimate investment will still be there tomorrow.
  5. Never feel obligated. Don’t invest because the seller gives you something for free. Salespeople count on those freebies to guilt you into buying what they are selling.
  6. Arm yourself with information. Learn to spot the red flags of investment fraud so you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

I hope with this six steps outlined above you should be able a identify a scam investment platform.

Download Whatsapp Plus For Android

How to add music to Instagram stories

Everyone knows a creative Instagram story will always stand out. So what makes a story creative? With so many new innovations in the social space, Instagram has added more functionality and appeal to its platform, so when it comes to standing out, numerous ways have been made available to get the most creative results. Artist Push gives promotion tips that work. Just have a look!

Speaking of creativity, the option of adding live stickers, emojis, and polls are good ways of achieving this feat but one which stands out quite well is the ability to add music to Instagram stories. This feature was made available on June 28, 2018, and ever since, it is being used by over 400 million users each day.

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According to statistics, roughly 70% of Instagram stories are viewed with the sound turned on. With this, it is clear that people are more drawn to stories with sounds as most users today will turn on the Instagram story sound while scrolling through stories.

How to add music to Instagram stories

When you launch Instagram, swipe right or tap the plus sign icon, and then scroll to story. With this, you can select a photo or video from your phone’s library or you can make one using Instagram. To add music, tap the musical note icon located at the top right corner of the screen. This opens Instagram’s own music center which contains hundreds of thousands of songs of any genre.

The “For You” section contains tracks selected by Instagram containing trending songs at the time, songs in Reels, or videos you’ve liked or saved. It also contains songs from previously followed artists. You can also browse by categories if you are unsure of what to use at that moment.

If you’re sure of the song you’d like to use, you can search for it using the search box option at the very top of the page. You can preview the song you would like to add by hitting the play button or you can just tap on your preferred song to add the song immediately to the story.

After finding and tapping your preferred song, you have the option of choosing how the song will be displayed in your story. With a variety of display options and even captions of the song lyrics in very engaging styles, Instagram has made the whole concept of stories interesting. Sliders, located at the bottom of the screen can also be used to select the exact part of the song you’d like to feature and just how long you’d like the snippet to be.

When you are satisfied with the story, tap the “Done” button located at the upper right corner to preview the story and if you feel you are ready to release your story to the world, all you have to do is choose if you want to post it on your main story, to your close friends, or perhaps a few select users.



Adding music to your Instagram stories is very important as it helps not only in making your story more engaging but also in showing your personality and mood through music. For whatever reason, stories are better with sound.

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