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Obviously having the same movie multiple times in iTunes it not acceptable. I can't fill my library with duplicates. How should I proceed to make iTunes display the 3 files as one movie? Currently I have 3 movies in iTunes. I saw a way (adding (HD) to the name of the file) but it doesn't seems to be enough. Thank you for this!! I’m working with iTunes version 11.1.5 (5). After un-clicking the box “Download HD When Available”, instead of a download link appearing for the SD version, a little iCloud icon appears in the upper right corner of each movie’s icon. If any of the monitor or cabling don't support HDCP, your iTunes purchased movies may not play and present a warning message. Make sure you have the latest version of Silverlight and Flash. Enable mirroring or close laptop lid so that the Mac laptop or OS will handshake with HDCP.

In the iTunes app on your PC, use the Downloads pane in iTunes preferences to choose to download items automatically, and choose the size and quality you want.

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To change these preferences, choose Edit > Preferences, then click Downloads.



Automatic Downloads

Automatically download the following items to this computer from your other devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or on another computer):

  • Movie, TV show, or music purchases from the iTunes Store

  • Apple Music songs you add on other devices (Apple Music subscribers only)

Always check for available downloads

Automatically check for items you previously purchased from the iTunes Store but didn’t download.

Download full-size HD videos

Download the highest-quality high-definition files available for videos you purchase or rent from the iTunes Store. Higher-quality files use more storage space.

Download high-quality SD videos

Download the highest-quality standard-definition files available for videos you purchase or rent from the iTunes Store. Higher-quality files use more storage space.

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Apple is now selling and renting digital 4K movies via iTunes, in addition to its HD and SD resolution versions. The addition of 4K content, which you can stream as well as download, is mainly designed to support the new Apple TV, which supports 4K HDR output for the first time. Plus, if you bought HD versions of titles for which 4K HDR is available, Apple is automatically upgrading them for free.


Itunes Download Sd Version Of Hd Movie Streaming


This is a key piece of Apple’s incentive puzzle for getting users to upgrade to a new Apple TV, as it means there will be a strong content pool that users can access right away. Apple will also be able to take advantage of 4K streaming content provided via Netflix, which has offered both 4K and HDR streaming on other platforms for a while now, and Amazon Prime Video, which is finally arriving on the platform as previously announced.

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Itunes Download Sd Version Of Hd Movie

Apple’s store isn’t the first digital movie storefront to offer 4K versions of movies — Google Play Movies & TV introduced 4K and HDR videos in July for streaming customers in the U.S. and Canada. This is supported on compatible Android TV television sets and streaming devices, including the Nvidia Shield. But Apple’s pricing of 4K versions at the same rate as HD titles is a smart competitive move.

iTunes, however, likely has a far greater reach than Google Play, as it’s been a destination for digital sales and rentals since long before Google even began offering those services to customers.