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SAP GUI Download - How the SAP GUI 7.60 download from SAP Market Place works. Download simply explained - step by step. Aug 04, 2014 Download 32-bit: Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 67 28.1 MB (Freeware) Download 64-bit: Java Runtime Environment 7 Update 67 29.6 MB Download: JavaRa 2.6. Start using Hatena Blog! Ponnakarefgu is using Hatena Blog. Would you like to try it too? Java Specification. For the first release the Java Language and Library Specification was published with each Major release. With JDK 1.4 the Java Community Process was formed and from then there was a Java Specification Request for significant new features as well as the Major (now Feature) releases.

Hi all,

Java 7.60 download 32 bit free full

After a beta phase of three months, the final version of SAP GUI for Java 7.70 is now available for download.

The main focus of this new release is on visualisation and usability.

Enhancements and New Features

  • Themes

    • Quartz: Quartz Light, Quartz Dark as well as the High Contrast Black (HCB) and High Contrast White (HCW) versions provide a Fiori-like user experience. While Quartz Light can be considered the successor of Belize, Quartz Dark is the first theme for working in low light environments.The new Quartz HCB replaces the old High Contrast theme based on Signature Design for users with visual impairment. Users who need a high contrast theme but are not glared by a bright background also can use the new HCW theme. This theme is also helpful for working in bright environments like outdoor.
    • Belize: The previous Fiori theme is included as well.
    • SAP GUI for Java keeps the classic screen metrics and window layout for compatibility reasons.
    • The outdated themes Corbu and the original High Contrast theme based on Signature Design have been removed.
  • Color Schemes
    • Color Schemes are available for Quartz Light, Quartz Dark and Belize. They can be assigned to systems or even clients to clearly differentiate between test, development or productive systems and clients.
  • Typography
    • 72, the typeface created to be the design language for all SAP products, is included in the installation. Both a proportional and a monospaced font is available. They can be activated in the Preferences Dialog, Design – Fonts, using the expert option.
  • High Resolution Icons
    • When using one of the new themes, for session windows and all local dialogs the icons are displayed with high resolution to support HiDPI displays.
  • Enhanced Search and Input History
    • The search results of the enhanced search and entries of the input history are combined in one dropdown menu. The full history list is still available on backspace.
  • Installer
    In addition to the jar based installers, new installers with a native launcher stub are available, which no longer need a preinstalled Java runtime.
  • Keyboard navigation:
    • Keyboard navigation has been reviewed, some controls not having keyboard support before have been made accessible using the keyboard.
  • Focus Visualization:
    • Now also the dotted focus can display an animated focus change.
    • The visualization of the focus in high contrast themes has been improved.
  • Preferences Dialog
    • The preferences dialog has been modernised for the new themes.
  • Documentation:
    • The manual has been reviewed and is available on the SAP Help Portal.
    • A new document for keyboard access with a description for each UI element has been added.

Discontinued Features

  • Themes:
    • The themes Corbu and High Contrast have been removed.
  • Browser Applet:
    • Running as an applet in a Browser using the Java Plug-in is not longer possible, because Java SE 11 does not provide a Java Plug-in.
  • 32-bit Support:
    • With SapMachine 11 only supporting 64-bit hardware, 32-bit support has been dropped.

For requirements and supported platforms please refer to SAP note 2983406. When using Quartz Dark, there are additional backend requirements for correct html content.

We hope that the blend of visual renewal and traditional screen layout fits your needs and allows you a smooth transition to this new version.

Best regards
Rolf-Martin Wörsinger
Product Owner SAP GUI for Java

P.S. For feedback and questions, preferably start a new post. Multiple threads on different subjects in one single post do not work very well.

For reporting an issue, please create a support message on component BC-FES-JAV.

In case you want to receive a notification about the availability of new versions, please refer to SAP note 1014347 .

As everybody Aware that SAP has release SAP GUI 7.40 on 8th of October 2014.
There are a several new feature added for more information See note 2022335 - New features in SAP GUI for Windows 7.40

Install the SAP GUI 7.40 with NWBC 5.0

Jdk 7 Download

Java 7.60 Download 32 Bit Full Version

For New theme “Blue Crystal Theme” apply and Enjoy the SAPGUI with new look .
Thanks for this documents to Rableen Khurana

Free Windows 7 Download 32-bit