Latest Version Of Uber App Download

Download Uber for iOS to get a reliable ride in minutes. The Uber app is the best ridesharing app on the market today. Check back next week to. Download the latest version of Uber Driver for Android. Pick up passengers and earn extra cash straightaway. If you're looking into ways to become an Uber driver.

Download. Set. Drive. Start earning extra cash with your driving skills.

If you’re looking for a side trip to earn extra cash on your off days, then Uber Driver is the perfect app for you! This app allows you to pursue your passion for driving while getting paid for it. It’s one of the most popular ride-hailing apps with its own separate app for its drivers, so you can still be in control all the way! So what are you waiting for?

The side-hustle that lets you do you

Uber Driver app allows you to drive your own resources to your well-deserved success!

A total of 3.9 million drivers are currently working for this ride-hailing app. Although the app is good enough to start with, its developers are still constantly working on the app’s improvements and upgrades to accommodate the rapidly growing count of their drivers.

You’re the boss

There are numerous reasons for you to start driving for Uber today. The application process is easy and hassle-free. However, applicants will undergo a strict background check in order to not compromise the app’s passengers’ safety. Uber will require you to pass necessary documents to prove that your trustworthy and independent from crimes, after adhering to their protocols /you’re good to go. This ride-sharing app allows its drivers to work on their own time, so you’ll never need to ask for a rain check again. Routes aren’t also fixed by the app so it’s all up to you to your best interest which trips you’ll take or pass on.

Work smarter

The app will send you reports regarding the expected driver count in your area 24 hours prior, so you can stay guided every day. The app maintains a monitoring system that will inform you about your daily earnings. It will also allow you to reflect on your history throughout a day of busy hustling. These app features will help you strategize for the best business plan and set of schedules which will benefit you the most.

Your Uber experience doesn’t stop by your everyday journey since the company behind the app assures its drivers’ careers are supplemented with well-deserved growth. With their Professional Enrichment Programs, you can take various proficiency courses including language development courses to pack your resume and broaden your career path.

Need a ride?

Aspiring drivers who don’t have a car yet shouldn’t be discouraged to start their driving career. The app offers a selection of ways for you to get equipped. You can opt for car rentals, join a fleet, lease, and get discounts.

Where can you run this program?

Make your well-deserved (extra) profit with your driving career by downloading Uber Driver on your Android and iOS mobile devices.

Is there a better alternative?

There are various similar apps that you can also check out. One of the most popular counterparts of Uber Driver is Lyft. It is a ride-hailing app that shares the forefront with Uber. This app operates within the US and Canada. Although, drivers from other parts of the world can’t drive for Lyft’s patrons as of the moment.

Our take

Uber Driver lets people living in countries including (but not limited to) India, Australia, and Suadi to earn more money with their own rules. It is one of the most accessible ride apps in the world.

Should you download it?

Yes. The new version of the app works fine, but you can also check out its old version if the latest version doesn’t fit in with your tastes.


  • Lets users earn a good amount of money compared to other apps
  • Driver portal allows drivers to keep track of their business
  • Clean interface
  • Works in over 700 cities worldwide


  • Unresponsive customer support
  • Long background check process
  • Reported glitches
Uber BY is a smart app to request rides with upfront pricing and routes. Just enter your destination and don't worry ever again about parking, fueling up or transport transfers.
Affordable and transparent Uber BY rates
Uber X is your go-to for affordable everyday rides. If you're looking for a bit more comfort and interior space, go with Uber SELECT

Latest Version Of Uber App Download

Convenient payment methodsApp
Pay for taxis in cash or by card in the app.
Routes with several stopsApp
Request a single ride with multiple stops. Now on the way home you can swing by the store or drop off a friend. Enter up to 3 addresses when requesting the ride, and the Uber BY app will map the optimal route for the driver and show you the price upfront.

Uber App Download Iphone

Ride history
If you accidentally leave something behind after your taxi ride, you can call the driver directly from the app's Ride History section within 24 hours. Here you can also see the car's license plate number, and where you came from and went yesterday, last weekend or a month ago. If you don't need a past ride anymore, you can always delete it.
Favorite and convenient spotsVersion
Any address or point on the map can be added to your Favorites. They'll be shown as buttons on the ride request screen so you can save time by not having to enter the address manually. The app also suggests where the best pickup spots are (normally within a 2-3 minute walk) to make your trip even faster and more affordable.Windows
Request for someone else

Uber App Windows

Latest Version Of Uber App Download Iphone

If your guests or parents ever need a taxi, just open the Comment section and select the 'Order for someone else' option. Then simply enter their phone number or choose from your contacts. We'll text them all the ride details, including driver name, phone number and license plate number.