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Lucky Patcher Mod Apk 9.8.1 Latest Download for Android, Lucky Pacher Mod Apk is the popular and the best hacking application for all android users. Internet connection for the latest update of latest patches and update of the lucky patcher apk. Lucky patcher works on both rooted and non-rooted phones but fully work in rooted phones. A real version of the lucky patcher, the Download link is given below. App having App in purchase in order to crack.

LUCKY PATCHER DOWNLOAD (Original APK) & Proper Usage Guide



Do You Want Paid Apps For Free? Forgot Searching cracked apps in Google that require app in purchase. Lucky patcher is a software that can crack almost all the available apps & games in the play store. You Can Directly Click on the Download button in order to use it. This app not available in the play store but it's the best app for hacking android apps. Do you know that you can crack all apps (60-70%) that require app in purchase. This app not only builds for cracking Android Apps but also have many other useful tools that make your life easier. This Adsfree site offers Direct Download Links Of latest version of the lucky patcher & proper installation instructions.

Read Requirements Before Downloading Lucky Patcher

  • Android Phone having os 2.3+
  • Internet connection for the latest update of latest patches and update of the lucky patcher apk.
  • Lucky patcher works on both rooted and non-rooted phones but fully work in rooted phones.
  • A real version of the lucky patcher, the Download link is given below.
  • App having App in purchase in order to crack.
  • BusyBox

Latest Lucky patcher Details

NameLucky Patcher
Latest Version7.4.6
Latest Released03 october 2018
Total Downloads1 billion +
RequirementsAndroid 2.3+

note: sometimes mobile antivirus or google play protect says its virus but ignore that warning & continue the installation.

How to Install & Use Lucky Patcher

Lucky patcher installation and usage instructions for rooted users.

Method -1If custom patches are available for app or game that you wanna crack it.

  • Disable Google Play Protect

  • Download latest lucky patcher using thislink.

  • For MIUI Devices Go to setting-> Additional Settings->Privacy->Unknown SourcesTurn on. For Samsung devices go to settings and then enable unknown sources in the 'lock screen and security'.
  • While Installing you I'll see a popup message 'Blocked by Play Protect' 'this app can permanently damage your device or cost you money' .

  • Ignore this message and click Install anyway (unsafe).

  • After installation open app and it I'll ask for root permissions if your device is rooted. In MIUI phones it also requires auto startup permission.
  • It may also ask for disable google play protect but it's not necessary.

  • click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the app and select 'Download Custom Patches'.
  • If any update available then update it first by clicking on the update button, the size of custom patches is approximately about 2-3 MB.

  • After updating you need to select your app and click 'Menu of Patches'
  • click on 'custom patch' & select your patch and click 'patch'.

  • Patch showing green means application is patched successfully. After applying the patch click on the launch button. you can check your app purchase now hacked.

Method-2 Lucky Patcher Usage instructions for non-rooted users.

  • Click on the app that you wanna crack.
  • Click on the menu of patches.
  • Click on create modified apk file.
  • Clickcustom patch.
  • Select your patch and click rebuild and install apk.
  • Uninstall old apk and install the app that is rebuilded recently.
note: Rebuilded apk sometimes not works it's your luck.

Method-3 Crack any app that doesn't have the custom patch available for the rooted and non-rooted device

  • Select App you wanna crack. example I am choosing swift backup.
  • Click 'Support patch for in-app and LVL emulation'

  • Select 'Support Patch for LVL Emulation' & 'Support patch for InApp Emulation'.
  • Click on the Apply Button and wait till Patching done , If your phone is rooted then patch directly apply to your app and if your device isn't rooted then Lucky patcher build a new Cracked version of apk file that is located in the lucky patcher folder under 'android/data/'

  • Whenever patch has done it shows the sucess rate, after patching launch app and if you are using a non-rooted device then uninstall the old version and go toh lucky patcher folder and install recently patched app & launch app.
  • Click on the purchase and now you I'll see a popup dialogue of lucky patcher.

  • click on yes button and now your cracked upgraded to premium or pro version or any other unlocks.

Lucky patcher has the following additional features

Batch Operations

  • Backup apps: You Can backup your user & system apps directly using this software.The apps backup in the form of .apk files. That app doesn't back up user backup like titanium backup and swift backup.

  • Move selected apps to SD card: You can move apps to micro sd card that is not officially supported by an android system but need root access to do that.
  • Move selected apps to internal storage: Similarly, you can move apps from sd card to internal storage for better performance of apps and device.

  • Uninstall user apps: You can uninstall any user app in bulk easily using lucky patcher.
  • Disable apps: You can easily disable apps in bulk using lucky patcher.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download Latest Version Android

  • Enable Selected apps: Enable disabled apps when needed.
  • Integrate update to/system selected apps: By using this feature you can convert user app to system app but you need a rooted device for this purpose . for example - if you don't want that someone can remove WhatsApp from your device you can simply convert it to system app and then your app not removable from user setting however you can remove using it by manual or using any system app removal app by giving root permissions.

  • Turn Off Google Ad services: You can turn off Google Ad services to block ads need busybox and root for that.

Free Lucky Patcher Apk Download

  • Block ads on device: By using this feature your host file I'll update and your device becomes ads free.

  • Unblock ads on device: Sometimes we need to enable ads to access sites , working of apps etc . in such situations you can disable it by using this option.
  • Clear the hosts file: If you wanna clear your host file to normal then you can use this option. This option clear host file that includes block ads urls .
Remove all saved Purchases: By using this option you can easily remove all saved purchases in one but remember that patched apps may misbehave.

Directory Binder: By using this option you can bind Directories such as your game installed in internal storage and your obb file located in external storage.
Patch to Android: This option is very useful for patching all installed apps in once, I am not using this feature because sometimes all apps not suitable for patching.
Installation of modded Google Play Store: This feature is very useful for all users, this feature automatically patch all apps when you download it & all the apps have prebuilt in-app purchase hack which apps are downloaded from modded play store, you can also purchase it even when you are not connected to the internet. This feature requires Root access.
Test of Modded Google play Store Offline: This Feature of lucky patcher is used to test modded google play store is successfully installed or not.
ODEX All System Apps:If you want ODEX system apps; you can use this feature. This feature requires Busybox and Root access.
Remove All ODEX files:If you wanna remove All ODEX files you can do this by using this option.
Clear Dalvik cache & Reboot:Clear Dalvik cache without going to recovery mode.
Select Default installation location:This feature is useful for those users having android os 4.0 and having less internal storage.

Lucky patcher FAQs:

Q: Is it safe to use lucky patcher?
A: Yes its safe, 20 million + active users and facing no problem regarding damage.

Q: Is lucky patcher available for Ios?


Lucky patcher is a good app for hacking games /apps etc, it's safe but the use of lucky patcher sometime breaks the app, you can try any app-in purchase by using this software. This app isn't available in the play store but you can try it. The offline playable games can be easily hacked by using this software.
According to me try your best to buy an app that you wanna need & avoid hacking because developers also need money for work. although some games offer very high price that we can not purchase it. I provided mirrors on this website because I hate ads, some websites provided a link that is redirects too many times & popups but I am offering ads free direct link to download the latest version of the lucky patcher. Using this software is sometimes risky I am not responsible for that.

A rooted Android smartphone or tablet allows us to have greater control over its functions, as well as over the applications that are already installed. Among its main advantages we've got the possibility to remove bloatware, in other words, the software that's preinstalled on the handset by many manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi apps for instance, with their corresponding customization layers).

What is Lucky Patcher and what's it for?

To be able to manage these and other aspects, if apart from having your handset rooted you've got a tool of the likes of Lucky Patcher, we're talking about having the full control over the device. This app allows us to modify and change the settings of the applications that under normal circumstances would be impossible to switch.

Once you've downloaded and installed the APK of this Android patcher, the application will list all the apps present on your smartphone or tablet, with really complete information about each one of them and sorted using a color code depending on the actions that can be carried out. These operations include:

  • Deletion of license verification.
  • Removal of in-app adverts or Google Ads.
  • Modification of permissions associated to apps.
  • Extraction of the APK file of any application to carry out a backup.
  • Unblocking of paid applications to be able to transfer them to other devices.

Full control over your device.

How to use this patcher?

Well, once we've listed all the applications, we'll be able to see each one of them highlighted with a different color. Each one of these colors means a different thing:

  • Green: app that can be registered.
  • Yellow: there are specific patches for these applications.
  • Blue: includes Google adverts.
  • Purple: app in the start-up menu.
  • Red: this app can't be registered or patched.
  • Orange: a system app that the program doesn't recommend to modify if you want your phone to continue working correctly.

Furthermore, we also have to mention the boot list with a relation of apps to be patched each time the phone reboots its operating system.

And if you want to know how to use it to carry out certain actions you have to follow the steps described in this tiny tutorial:

To remove a verification license:

  1. Step 1: keep the app pressed and choose the option remove license verification.
  2. Step 2: choose the automatic mode and let the patching process start.
  3. Step 3: in the case of not working correctly, choose the automatic reverse mode or the extreme automatic mode.
  4. Step 4: now restart before opening the application.
Lucky patcher apk 2021

To remove adverts:

  1. Step 1: press the application and choose the option to remove Google ads.
  2. Step 2: restart before opening the application.

To apply a specific patch:

  1. Step 1: press the application and apply a specific patch.
  2. Step 2: restart your smartphone or tablet before opening the application.

Certain apps like Spotify, Clash Royale or Clash of Clans can all be patched. However, it's not usual and with each new release, their developers fix the bug. In any case, you should know that this action violates the terms of use of these services.

How to download and install Lucky Patcher

You already know that you're not going to be able to download this kind of application from Google Play, so stop searching for it there. To get hold of it, you're going to have to look for alternative resources such as the web of Malavida itself and download the file to your smartphone enabling the Unknown Sources options from your Settings.

You have to take into account that to be able to carry out these actions you need to be the superuser of your Android handset, so you'll previously need to get hold of an app like KingRoot to root your device. And this is an app that you'll obviously only find on Android, iOS users will have to put up with their beautiful but non-customizable iPhones and iPads.

How to get hold of the latest version of Lucky Patcher

You'll simply have to have a look around Malavida because every day we make sure that we're offering you the latest version released by its developers so that you can continue modding, patching, and modifying your apps. And if it stops working, we've also got the best alternatives for Android devices. Just take a look at the related contents on this page where you'll find tools of the likes of Lulubox, GameGuardian, or Cheat Engine.

What's new in the latest version?

  • Updated translations.
  • Fixes Xposed module for certain firmwares.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.0.
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the 'Unknown sources' option within Settings>Applications.