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The Mini Militia MOD APK is a famous multiplayer game.Once you play, I’m sure you will be highly addicted to it. It has a classic 2D game feel in which a stick man is surviving himself in a jungle and different maps. Download Mini Militia for iOS and Mini Militia for Android for get a advanced gaming experience. Mini Militia is a fun and engaging 2D cartoon game. Mini Militia is not like any other Android or iOS game. It's multiplayer game that allows play with your mates on the same WiFi network. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia New APK 5.3.3 (304) has a combat game nuance between soldiers and robots, then it. The developers combined all best mod into one and built the mini militia god mod. All the features of this mini militia mod apk have unlimited capacity. I am listing all the highlights below. Features of Mini Militia God Mod APK. Based on the latest version of mini militia – This version is based on the newest version 4.2.8 of a mini militia. Download Mini Militia for PC. Now Mini Militia is Available for Windows 7/8/10 or XP. Download Mini Militia Mod APK on your Laptop and Computer. Mini Militia PC is As same as the Mini Militia Mobile Version. It will provide you with all the features we talk above.

Mini militia hack version apk download android 1 16

This mod apk gives permission to install it on without rooting on any Android phone. So you can play and enjoy it easily. So if you want a latest, new and version of Mini Militia Mod APK then click on the below fast download link. Mini Militia unlimited health latest mod Pro Pack (updated) Hi, Today I will share Mini Militia Unlimited Health. Dec 01, 2021 Mini militia unlimited health hack apk download February 7, 2017 February 7, 2017 kp7742 ExclusiveMini Militia v3.0.25 IOS Simple Mod By KMOds without jailbreak. Download Mini Militia Mod Apk v5.3.2(Unlimited Grenades) for Android Hy guys if you are looking for an online and offline multiplayer game then hear is the best place.

The Mini Militia MOD APK is a famous multiplayer game. Once you play, I’m sure you will be highly addicted to it.

It has a classic 2D game feel in which a stick man is surviving himself in a jungle and different maps. Finding different weapons on a map, flying with nitro, bombs makes this game more interesting and engaging.

To make this game more fun and a win, different developers modified according to their desires. These mods which provide custom features, objects, characters, and even give access to unlimited ammo, nitro, health, etc. set it apart from the existing game and you get to experience the game at a whole different level.

Download the mini militia mod APK to enjoy other exciting features filled with advanced mini militia and always win the game when you play with competitors.

Mini Militia MOD APK

AppMini Militia Mod APK
Update On1 day ago
Download PageScore Hero Mod Apk
Operating SystemAndroid 4.2 and Above
Size42 MB
Rating - 3.6⭐⭐⭐⭐

Features of Mini Militia Mod APK

In the modified version, you will enjoy many features that were unavailable in the free version such as:

  • Online content unlocked
  • Rocket launcher and other pro weapons
  • Sniper rifle
  • Carry 2 deadly gun at once
  • Dual wield for pro weapons
  • More awesome avatar skins
  • Unlimited Money or Battle points
Unlimited Health, ammo, nitro Mod:

This mod is specifically for those who want to play the game with unlimited health, unlimited nitro, and unlimited ammo or bullets. Explanation and download link is discussed in another article (Insert link to the blog).

Unlimited health mod:

In a mini militia, health refers to player life. It appears on the upper left corner. Usually, a player lost his life with some bullet attacks or electric shock attacks. But how amazing if your player never lost his life. Yes! No player can kill you either online or play via LAN wifi.

Unlimited Ammo mod:

Ammo is the bullet set of any gun you pick in the game. In normal games, each gun comes with a limited number of ammo or bullets. This ammo finished after some time and other players can kill with his bullets when you are zero on ammo. But developers solved this by modifying core files and added an unlimited ammo facility. Shoot as many bullets as you can and kill your competitors.

Unlimited Nitro:

Mini Militia has the feature of flying. Your player can fly for a limited time if you have nitro. Nitro reloads after some time and then flying capability begins. This means you have to wait for nitro power to fill. But in this mod, you can fly for unlimited time because nitro will never finish. Nitro also helps to escape quickly from the enemy.

Unlimited Money or Battle points:

In this mod, unlimited battle points are added besides other features. You can shop from a store with these battle points and equip upgrades and weapons as maximum as possible.

Special Avatars mod (Unlocked):

While playing a game you might be impressed by the avatars of other players. While you have only a few boring avatars. Stop worrying! Here in this mod, you will have access to all avatars, Even you can make your custom version of it. All outlook features are unlocked along with battle points and health.

Advanced Mini Militia mods:

Developers modified the code of the game to achieve advanced features that one can never imagine in the original APK file.

There are the following Mini militia mod APK which are available:

  1. Pro Pak Mod (Insert link to the article)
  2. GOD Mod (Insert Link)
  3. Mega Mod
  4. Unlimited health Mod
  5. Unlimited nitro Mod
  6. Unlimited Ammo Mod (Insert link)
  7. All in one Mod
  8. Wallhack Mod
  9. Ultra Mod
  10. One-Shot Kill Mod
  11. Mortal mod
  12. Immortal mod
  13. CFT and the latest ones.

Choose your desired mod and have fun!

Mini Militia gameplay

It is a fantastic multiplayer game that will never bore you. Doodle army man lost in the jungle with enemies all around loaded with weapons. The gameplay is classic yet interesting.

For example, all of your cousins gathered at any place and you don’t have even connectivity to the internet, still, you guys can play together and enjoy. This is the main reason behind amazing popularity. Either you are connected to the internet or not, you can enjoy this game with full potential.

When connected to the internet (Online):

This game gives you three options to play. The first option is quick to play and the second option is Play Online. These two option requires internet connectivity to play.

Quickplay is the game mode where you just have to choose a map and the game will be started with random players over the internet. In this mode, you will play with 6 random players from all over the world. Most mini militia modified variants work on this quick mode.

In-Play online mode, you also need internet connectivity. This is further divided into 3 more sub-option to choose from.

Free for all:

As the name suggests, you can play the game without making any teams. Same as Quickplay mode, just chose map and start playing with random players over the world.

Team Death Match:

This is the best mode which adds more excitement and fun in the game. This mode provides the ability to make teams and play against each other. Same as previous, random people will be there for teaming and playing in random servers. This option is also available in all mini militia mod APK on this site.

Play with friends over the internet:

If you want to play mini militia with your specific friends who live in other cities but have internet connectivity, then this option is for you. For this, you have to add your friends to a server and then start playing. To avail of this option, login in the game via google play or Facebook is necessary.

Without Internet Connection:

In addition to playing with internet connectivity, mini militia comes with the option to play offline ( when not connected to the internet). This option is shown as “Practice (Local)”. Enjoy game over LAN wifi connection or via Bluetooth

Mini Militia Apk Download For Android 4.0.4

You can play mini militia with friends in the following ways:

Add friends on mini militia (LAN Wifi)?

To enjoy a game with your fellows, friends, or cousins, you need to connect all other mobile phones with a hotspot of one phone known as the host. When all mobiles or players are connected to the same host, then they all can see the option to join the game otherwise the option will not be visible. Host set the game name that will appear on other screens and a maximum of 12 players can join one host game connected to the same hotspot. When you ready just press-ready button and the game will start after 6 seconds.

Mini militia hack version apk download android 1 16

Death Match: In this mode, you can play as an individual or as a group and try to kill each other to get maximum points, One with higher points will be considered as a winner. You have to play with each other, no player other than your team will enter in map.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to play mini militia mod APK?

The mini militia is a 2D game based on a survival theme. You have enemies all around and you have to save yourself from them. Controls are really simple yet effective. Pick guns and attack others. The video is added below. Watch out and you will have a better idea about playing mini militia.

Can I play mini militia on PC?

Apk Download Free

Yes, to play mini militia on pc using an android emulator. You can play any android game on PC. A complete step by step process is explained here.

Is Mini Militia available for Windows Phone?

Unfortunately, You cannot play mini militia on a windows phone. Although you can play on a Windows laptop, or pc using android emulators such as bluestack or nox.

How do you play mini militia online?

Mini Militia is now a property on a mini clip and does not any option to play online. It is an installation based game. So, Any device is required for installation to play this game i.e android, iOS, or Windows PC.

Is Andy better than BlueStacks for playing mini militia?

As per our experience and reviews from different users, We can conclude that BlueStack is far better than Andy for playing this game.

Is BlueStacks a virus?

No, the problem is people download it from unofficial sources. Bluestack is an android emulator and completely legal to use. I would suggest you download this emulator from the official website and you never have a problem. It works smoothly for medium-level games such as doodle army 2.

you can share this game through YOWhatsApp apk to your friends.

The Mini Militia is a most popular ever android Action game. Also the game is available for all the platforms. The android game lovers has a looking for the games to crack and no one can more to wait or fetch the levels, those people are download the moded file and get a easy to Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Nitro on Mini Militia android game.

Basically Mini Militia MOD APK works like to crack the game and lives to long and enjoyed the whole the game. This is not interesting but we have more to enjoyed. Mini Militia MOD APK addicting that players who play this daily are increasing in huge numbers. Mini Militia is from Appsomaniacs LLC. New Update arrived it has new weapons, maps and security updates with Full Version Purchased APK. Also more to CreeHack APK for hacking android games.

You have to compete with 6 others players and survive to go to the topic and other 6 people can die to kill you in order to gain points. Hence, the competition is throttling insensitive. Well here we can easy to get Unlimited Health, Weapons, Avatars, Flying Power, Pro Packs. Let’s see the features of Mini Militia MOD APK and Mini Militia MOD APK Download for android:

Mini Militia MOD APK Features:

Below listed all the features to available on the Mini Militia MOD APK:

  • Unlimited Health.
  • Unlmited Flying power.
  • Unlimited Ammo and weapons accessibilty.
  • Suicide option added (Just go to outside of map to kill yourself).
  • Pro Pack Unlocked.
  • Variety of Special Avatars.
  • No need to root your smartphone.

Mini Militia MOD APK Download For Android

I am a big fan of Doodle Army 2 and play this game daily. At first, it was very hard to compete with other pro players but with this Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia MOD APK, I am able to beat anyone. It is a 100% working MOD of Mini Militia which I have been using every day. Hence, I am going to share the Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia MOD APK for Android with you all.

Steps for download and install Mini Militia MOD APK on android:

Mini Militia 4.0.42 Apk Download For Android

Step 1:Download APK File. Here

Step 2: In case installation blocks go to your device settings -> security -> app configuration/management- > allow installation from “unknown sources”.

Step 3:Open the APKinstaller package.

Mini Militia Hack Apk Download For Android Unlimited Health

Step 4: Follow the screen and install the Android apk.

Step 5:Done!

How to Unlock All Store Items with hacked Battle Points:

  • Open your Mini Militia Mod game.
  • To unlock store items go to SETTINGS >> STORE >> Tap on any item on the store then tap on EQUIP button.
  • Similarly, you can unlock All store items on this modded game with anti ban.

Download Mini Militia MOD APK 2021 for Android. This mod game comes with Unlimited Nitro, Unlimited Ammo & Pro Pack Unlocked. You can now enjoy Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 game without being getting defeated.

Android smartphones are the most overwhelming gadgets developed in the last decade. Well, the reason behind this much success is the compatibility, as Smartphones are built to do anything. Moreover, the Android OS provides a massive variety of software and games that you can’t get in any other Operating System. You can do any kind of entertainment if having a smartphone, since it’s capable of playing games, music, videos, and can operate almost all the entertaining sources.

So today we’re here to describe one of the most beloved android games from the last few years – Mini Militia. It’s an energized android game based on Multiplayer game modes. While playing Mini Militia, one can operate its own troops and need to kill all the rivals with the given weapons. It’s a 2D animated android game and contains emerging SFXs to attract you and enhance the gaming experience.

Usually, Mini Militia showers a massive variety of gaming modes, as here you can play the training mode to fight with the AI troops and also can play the multiplayer mode in both, the online and offline interface. It was developed in 2011 by Miniclip as the second season of Doodle Army and got immersive fame globally. Even, if you search right now about the top-notch multiplayer shooting games, then you can mark it listed in one of the first 5 positions.


  • 2 Features

What is Mini Militia Mod APK

Mini Militia is an enthusiastic multiplayer for Android devices, and also it functions in a few simple steps even when you need to play it on multiplayer. It’s a hassle-free game, and that’s why people like it. Moreover, it showers intense gameplay comprising over 20 attractive maps and 15+ elegant weapons, including the Assault Rifles, LMGs, SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, as well as over three types of throwables.

But excepting that, still, there are numerous things that every gamer desire with the Mini Militia, like infinite ammo, endless nitro, and the Pro subscription. Pro is generally the paid subscription of Mini Militia which offers lots of additional features like additional guns, enhanced maps, as well as extended nitro. But still, no one likes to pay any kinda money for the in-app purchases in android games.

Well, still, we don’t need to get stressed about these things since we all are technologically advanced and can get any in-app paid assets free of charge nowadays with the help of the cracked software. Similarly, we’ve modified the Mini Militia game with some additional tweaks standing for you to serve the top-notch features that you all need desperately.

Presenting Mini Militia MOD APK! It’s the ditto android game as our last Mini Militia in the interface, and also it runs on the same servers as the official Mini Militia. It’s a tweaky android game offering you all your aspired features like Infinite ammo, endless boost, and all the legendary items you need to experience.


Unlimited Ammo

Get ready for experiencing one of the most desired features of Mini Militia MOD APK, commented by all the enthusiastic Android gamers in the last few weeks. This elegant game is going to deliver you infinite ammo free of charge. Yes, you heard right, you’re heading off to experience endless ammo in every gun after installing the Mini Militia MOD APK in your smartphone. Even if you’re using an EMP, M4, or SMAW, you can use unlimited ammo without getting stressed about the boundary. Forget the limitations, and Go for Mini Militia MOD APK!

Unlimited Nitro

Nitro is one of the most crucial acquisitions in the Mini Militia game since after having the enhanced amount of nitro, one can fly for an increased amount of time, and can snipe his best. If you’re going for the official version of Mini Militia, then you must need to know first, that the official game only offers a fixed amount of nitro which can only make you fly for a few seconds. Elsewhere, Mini Militia MOD APK is developed for endless flying. It’ll offer you an undying boost that won’t end till eternity. Let’s talk to the air!!

Pro Pack Unlocked

Mini Militia is a BOGOF game that contains a paid subscription known as the Pro Pack. This pack is comprised of customizable avatars, Legendary weapons like PHASR (Laser Gun), Rocket Launcher, M93BA (Sniper Rifle), Machete, and Dual Wield, and access to tremendous skins of avatar and guns. If you’re playing this game on the official version, then you need to pay 1.99 USD for enjoying the pro pack, whereas Mini Militia MOD APK can make you experience all these exceptionalities free of charge.

Free Rare And Epic Guns

Within the infinite resources and Pro Pack, there are also numerous rare legendary guns available in the Mini Militia which can only get unlocked after paying some amount to it. But the Mini Militia MOD APK can enhance your experience with unusual weapons like Flamethrower, M93BA, PHASR, Rocket Launcher, free of cost. Moreover, you can also experience two guns at the same time and can fire them both simultaneously while on Mini Militia MOD APK.

All maps unlocked

Mini Militia possesses massive fame all around the world and also is ranked in the top 10 multiplayer shooting games on the Google Play Store. And one of the most impeccable features, why people love playing this game, is the variety of maps showered by Mini Militia. But still, most of the legendary locations are locked in the official version, that we’ve unlocked for all the enthusiastic gamers in the Mini Militia MOD APK. So what’re you waiting for, enjoy all its exceptional maps right now!

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Pro Pack Unlocked
  • Unlimited Stuff
  • Free New Mods
  • No Root Required
  • No Jailbreaks

Installation Guide

You can install the apk file like a normal app install. However, for your convenience below I have shown you step by step procedure to install the apk file successfully on your android smartphone.

  1. Open Chrome and Download Mini Militia MOD APK file on your phone.
  2. Go to Settings Apps & notifications → Tap on see all apps → Search for Chrome and Select it.
  3. Now on App info screen, tap on Advanced and select “Install unknow apps” option.
  4. Toggle ON “Allow from this source” option.
  5. Head over to folder where you have downloaded the apk file.
  6. Tap on the Apk file to install it.
  7. Once the apk is installed successfully open the Mini Militia MOD game.

If you are getting an “App not installed” error then simply check and “uninstall” any version of the Mini Militia game installed on your phone.

Final Verdicts

Mini Militia MOD APK is developed for all the enthusiastic gamers who wanna experience all the magical features in Mini Militia. There are enormous premium assets of the official version that we’re offering you free of charge with the help of Mini Militia MOD APK.

Mini Militia Hack Version Apk Download Android 14

Moreover, it’s a free game and can work on any smartphone comfortably even if it contains root access or not. Sounds impressive, right? Time to give it a try! Download it right now from the below link and start experiencing the world-class features with the pro pack free of charge in this version.