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Free Download specifications. What's new in TeraCopy Portable 3.8.5. We put TeraCopy versus Windows 7 to the test and it managed to perform the task faster that Windows Explorer. Teracopy Apk Download For Pc; Download Teracopy Latest Version. TeraCopy is the best data transfer software for Windows operating systems which can help you to fix the problems while transferring the data from one folder to folder or hard drive. This free file transferring tool can copy the data and move to the destination securely and faster. This portable version works as a standalone application – if you want to use TeraCopy in place of Windows’ own copy/move functions, install the full software instead of by clicking the link below. Verdict: Speed up file transfers and improve the way Windows copies and moves files with this free application. Developer: codesector. Download Freeware (8.37 MB) Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 8 - English. Teracopy can accelerate the speed of copying large files either on local disks or between a PC and removable media to save time.

Has it ever happened to you, while you were transferring a big amount of information from one directory to another, that the transference was cancelled? Windows file transfer manager has this kind of problem often, but you won't have to worry anymore with this new application.
Teracopy substitutes Windows file transfer manager. It integrates completely with your desktop and hardly uses any resources.
It adds functions that are missed in Windows' original one, like the pause and resume options or the file integrity check.
If you are not convinced with Windows file transfer manager, Teracopy will surely fulfill your expectations.
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Teracopy Free Download

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