Whatsapp Plus Last Version Free Download

WhatsApp Plus for Android is here, available for FREE download on your phone and tablet. Here is what users have requested us to include in this post relating to WhatsApp Plus APK.Download WhatsApp Plus latest version (WhatsApp+) for Android version available as APK and also go through WhatsApp+ Features, Compatible smartphones list and best modded. Now download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus. Accept the permission to install the app, and when the installation process is complete, you can open the app. Continue with the normal installation process, as if it were the original WhatsApp.

If there’s one application that can’t go missing on any smartphone in the world, whether Android or iPhone, it definitely has to be WhatsApp. The instant messaging and chat app conquered millions of users some time ago, who forgot about sending SMS messages and moved over to this service that’s based on traffic sent over data networks.

Well, with over 1 billion active users all over the world and purchased by Facebook, it has consolidated as one of the most downloaded apps in the world. Therefore, nobody should be surprised that dozens of third-party applications have been developed to try to take advantage of this service.

Whatsapp Plus Last Version Free Download

Amongst the most popular applications of this nature, we have to mention WhatsApp Plus, a mod that we can download for free to customize the application with options that go way beyond those offered natively by WhatsApp.

And now that you know what WhatsApp Plus is… What’s it for?

Well, as we said above, it can be used to customize the messaging and chat app. It’s mainly aimed at all those users that aren’t fully satisfied with the latter, and that simply use it because everybody else does so too, even if there are other alternatives of the likes of Telegram that may be better.

Almost everyone thinks that this messenger has quite afew aspects that could be greatly improved and that’s precisely what this APK intends to do. So here goes a list of features available once you download WhatsApp Plus:

  • Change the colors of the interface or the size of the fonts to your own liking.
  • Send large audio and video files.
  • Download or send photos with their original quality.
  • Quick sharing functions.
  • Partial copy and paste: select part of the text you want to copy and paste and send it to your contacts.
  • Hide your profile picture.
  • Check connection times and statuses from the chat screen.
  • Install different themes.

However, what’s the problem with this kind of app? Well, WhatsApp is very distrusting so it bans from its service anyone detected using one of these applications. That’s why this app has gone through a few reborn such as the one developed by JiMODs, with alleged antiban properties. We can also make use of the version created by HOLO, another developer trying to take advantage of this name.

In any case, due to the wide range of offers and without knowing who’s behind the majority of developments, it’s hard to know which is the most updated version of WhatsApp Plus. Some say it’s 3.17, others say it’s 5.60… Anyhow, here’s one of these versions that you can download to your smartphone to try it out (by the way, there’s also a version for iPhone).

What's new in the latest version of WhatsApp Plus 2021

The main changes introduced into this new version of the MOD are the following

  • Updates to a new base version of WhatsApp:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
  • The installation of the app by means of the APK file requires the activation of the 'Unknown sources' option within Settings>Applications.

If you want to take full control over your WhatsApp, download Whatsapp Plus. Today we are going to introduce another mod of WhatsApp which is known as WhatsApp Plus. Well, WhatsApp Plus is considered as one of the best WhatsApp Mod for Android. Basically, this mod provides some extraordinary feature that goes missing in the official version of the app.

Whatsapp Plus Last Version Free Download For Pc

What Is WhatsApp Plus?
Installation Guide

Whatsapp Plus Latest APK Free Download in 2020

We all are known to the fact that the digital world is making progress at a rapid pace. If we look around, social networking giant like Facebook, Tweeter, etc has its own app for an Android operating system. If we talk about instant messaging apps, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more have become a part of our life.

The craze of these instant messaging app has grown up to the extent that we can’t even survive a day without it. For example, the first thing we do after waking up is to check the instant messaging app. If we talk about the most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp is one of them.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and most used apps that is used to exchange messages worldwide. Well, it goes without saying that there is 99% chance that you will be having WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. We all spent countless hours on the platform for purposes like chatting & calling.

However, do you know there are several modified versions of WhatsApp available on the web? These modified versions of WhatsApp actually provides some unique features which go missing in the regular and official version of WhatsApp. Well, until now we have shared few mods of WhatsApp like GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp.

Today we are going to introduce another mod of WhatsApp which is known as WhatsApp Plus. Well, WhatsApp Plus is considered as one of the best WhatsApp Mod for Android. Basically, this mod provides some extraordinary feature that goes missing in the official version of the app. Keep reading the article to explore more about the app.

What Is WhatsApp Plus?

Well, as we already mentioned, WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app in which you can activate some pro features like Unlimited Chat, Calls over the Internet, Sharing Media Files, etc. Apart from all of these, you can even change the default theme, change the color of the Chat.

Basically, WhatsApp Plus APK is a highly customizable and easy to use Mod for Android. Moreover, you will get some advanced features like Do Not Disturb, Hide Last Seen, Hide Blue Ticks, Hide Double ticks, and much more. So, let’s know much more about the features of WhatsApp Plus APK.

Features Of WhatsApp Plus:

Whatsapp Plus Last Version Free Download 2020

As we already mentioned, the WhatsApp Plus APK comes with many benefits and some of the best features are Do Not Disturb, Hide Blue Ticks, Hide Last Seen, Hide Double Ticks, and more. Below we are going to list down a few best features of WhatsApp Plus:

Whatsapp plus last version free download windows 10

Hide Last Seen: Well, this is the feature that is available on the official WhatsApp app. However, you can use the modified apk to hide the last seen from individuals.

Hide Blue Ticks: Well, The modified version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus APK comes with a feature that allows users to hide the Blue Tick Marks. That means that even if you have read the message the sender will not see the Blue Tick Marks.

Install whatsapp on windows 7

Hide The Double Tick: Similarly, like the above feature, this one allows users to hide the double Tick. That means the sender will never know that the message is delivered to the inbox.

Hide Typing Status: This is something which is very useful, WhatsApp doesn’t provide the option to hide the typing status. However, with WhatsApp Plus, you can hide the typing status.

Maximum Upload Limit: With the help of WhatsApp Plus APK you can send up to 50MB videos and 16MB Audio files at ease.

Installation Guide

Well, before we proceed to the installation steps, make sure that your device should be running on Android Jellybean or above. These are the minimum recommendation of the app. So, if your device meets the requirement, then proceed to the installation guide:

Step 1. First of all, visit Apkmirror and Search for “WhatsApp Plus”.

Step 2. After downloading an app on your smartphone, you need to enable the Unknown Source on your device. For that, you need to visit Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

Step 3. Now browse the location where you have saved the WhatsApp Plus apk file and then install it. The installation process will automatically start on your Android.

Step 4. After the installation, open WhatsApp Plus from the App Drawer and then tap on “Agree and Continue”

Step 5. In the next step, you need to verify your phone number. Here you need to confirm your phone number just like you do on official WhatsApp app.

Step 6. Once the verification process completed, you need to tap on the three dotted option on the top-right corner and click on the three dotted icons on the top right corner and then choose “More Option” to explore the themes.

Whatsapp Plus Last Version Free Download Windows 7

Once you have activated the WhatsApp Plus, you just need to explore the settings panel of the app to use some awesome features like Do Not Disturb, Hide Last Seen, Hide Blue Ticks, etc. If you are facing a problem at any of the mentioned steps, make sure to discuss it with us in the comment box at the end of the article.

How To Move WhatsApp Data To WhatsApp Plus?

Well, there are few users who want to use WhatsApp Plus as primary WhatsApp. So, in order to use WhatsApp Plus as the primary WhatsApp app, you need to transfer WhatsApp data to WhatsApp Plus. So, simply, follow the method given below to move WhatsApp Data to the WhatsApp Plus.

Step 1. First of all, open WhatsApp app and tap on the three-dotted icon and select ‘Settings’

Step 2. Under the settings, tap on the ‘Chat and Call Settings’

Step 3. Now, under the ‘Chat and Call Settings’ tap on the ‘Chat Backup’ option.

Step 4. Next, select the backup option as per your choice. The best option that you can choose is the ‘Backup to Google Drive’

Step 5. Now select the Google Account in which you want to store the backup file.

Step 6. Now, open WhatsApp Plus on your Android and verify your phone number. Now the app will ask you to restore WhatsApp data. Simply tap on the ‘Restore’ and log in with the Google account.

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can Move WhatsApp Data To WhatsApp Plus. If you have any other doubts, then make sure to discuss it with us in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can I use both official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

Well, you can actually use both the apps simultaneously on your Android smartphone. Not only these, but you can also use other mods like GBWHAtsApp on your smartphone.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe?

As we already mentioned, WhatsApp Plus APK is just the modified version of WhatsApp. So, it was completely safe and secure to use. The app will not harm you in any way.


Can I use the same phone number for both apps?

No! You can’t because as soon as you will try to register with the same number on another apk, it will ask you to log out from other devices. So, you need to have different numbers to enjoy both the devices at the same time.

Do You Need A Rooted Device?

No, you don’t need to have a rooted Android smartphone to install and enjoy the WhatsApp Plus. The app can be installed on both rooted and nonrooted Android smartphone.


The official version of the WhatsApp app is quite secure and is really simple to use. However, as we already mentioned that it comes with few restrictions. Therefore, Free Download WhatsApp Plus latest version 2019 is for those who want to try the WhatsApp app with some extra features. Another most awesome thing is that unlike other modded versions of the app, the WhatsApp Plus doesn’t lag and it does not consume much battery or cache memory. So, this app is fast and it doesn’t slow down your phone.